Making plans


This is me. In Tuscany a few weeks ago when we were visiting one of the factories that produces our bags. I´m probably looking into a problem with a zipper, but it does not seem to trouble me.

The process of finding the right partners to work with has been long and challenging -I almost gave up during the process. But now it looks like all the sleepless nights and hard work have finally paid off. When I´m here in the middle of the production process I feel so happy and exactly in the place I should be. However there is never enough time, even if the normal work day is from 8-23 while I´m there. So I have been trying to figure out how  to solve this problem. And after my last visit the solution was suddenly clear; I need to be in Italy more often, but most of all I need to stay longer. So in order to be able to experiment more and make room for more innovation in the process, I´m going to stay in Italy for 1 month from the end of this summer. I´m going to bring my 3 kids (and leave my husband behind;() while I will try to juggle home school and production visits. And as a bonus there will be time to  enjoy the beautiful landscape, the great people and maybe learn a little Italian. I can´t keep talking via google translate.

Thanks to Line the production process has once again been captured. I look forward to show you glimpses from our last visit very soon. Besides Line my sales manager, Annika and assistant, Sara was there and it was such a joy to see what amazing people I´m working with. Grazie!

Mark the date!


-You are all invited and we look forward to meet you!

Sunday couple


I love that special, lazy Sunday feeling that can be hard to find during the week. I usually do absolutely nothing on Sundays but today I´m going to put on my sandals and bum bag and bring my family for a little trip outside the city. Enjoy your Sunday! I hope it will be filled with joy and tranquility.


_MG_0456 _MG_0472

…equals sandals. Every day!

I already gave you  a little background info about our t-strap sandals, but if you have not tried them on yet it´s about time. The leather sole is baby soft and extra bouncy so you can actually wear them for days without getting the “flat shoe” feeling. I´m so happy you liked them too as I must admit I was a little nervous when we 6 month ago decided to stock A LOT of them. But now that the stock is almost gone it turned we made the right decision the day we placed the production order. THANK YOU!



August 1st (mark the date!) we will open our first flagship store in Copenhagen. I look forward to tell you more about it very soon…

Bum bag


You have seen our bum bag many times before but the reason is that this bag is SO practical and cool at the same time. What more can you ask for in one bag, perfect for festivals, travels, cycling well even dancing!

Next stop Florence

Next stop Florence

Can´t wait to go this time! Not only I´m I going to see my drawings transformed into bags but also I´m going with the best team as both Line + my amazing sales manager and assistant will join me. See you in Italy on instrgram (@yvonnekone)

Let´s pretend it’s spring!


So while the rain does´t seem to stop in Copenhagen this May my daughter seem to have inherited my desire to wear sandals, shorts and bare legs as soon as the frost leaves.

Bucket bag


The first drop from our AW14 collection will arrive very soon! The bucket bag is first in line… I will update you when it is available for preorder…

Kind of Blue


From I was a child the color blue (all kinds of blue) has always been a favorite. So our new blue simple bum bag has of course already moved in with me.

Happy weekend!