Bum bag


You have seen our bum bag many times before but the reason is that this bag is SO practical and cool at the same time. What more can you ask for in one bag, perfect for festivals, travels, cycling well even dancing!

Next stop Florence

Next stop Florence

Can´t wait to go this time! Not only I´m I going to see my drawings transformed into bags but also I´m going with the best team as both Line + my amazing sales manager and assistant will join me. See you in Italy on instrgram (@yvonnekone)

Let´s pretend it’s spring!


So while the rain does´t seem to stop in Copenhagen this May my daughter seem to have inherited my desire to wear sandals, shorts and bare legs as soon as the frost leaves.

Bucket bag


The first drop from our AW14 collection will arrive very soon! The bucket bag is first in line… I will update you when it is available for preorder…

Kind of Blue


From I was a child the color blue (all kinds of blue) has always been a favorite. So our new blue simple bum bag has of course already moved in with me.

Happy weekend!

Wax print/ vol. 2


I asked my father to go shopping for at little more fabric during his last visit to the Ivory Coast. This time not only one of his friends, but also his friend´s wife were involved in the fabric-shopping-process. I loved the moment when my father´s friend delivered a suitcase full of beautiful, printed fabric directly from Africa to my assistant and me here in Copenhagen. Furthermore my father´s friend insisted on blessing the fabric and us (he is a pastor) before he handed it over, in order to secure it would bring all of us lots of luck;)

You can see the selected prints in our webshop -and in case you don´t want to miss your favorite print I advise you to preorder right here. Our new shoes will be ready in a couple of weeks.




A little more than 2 years ago I was modelling the t-strap sandal on my daughter Johanna´s foot while she was patiently standing on our kitchen table. But the process really began a year before that when I found a vintage perforated watch band from the 70s. I couldn’t let go of the idea of transferring the look to a sandal. Without the vintage look. So after hours of experimenting and photographing Johannas feet with various leather straps (+ lots of tea drinking and talking) her patience ran out and I would continue my sketching via illustrator. Finally my team and I collected the styles we liked the most (you would be surprised how democratic the design process is in this company!) and even if the t-strap sandal turned out to be one of my personal favorites, it was not produced in the first place. Luckily it happened this season and I couldn´t be more happy with the result when I recently opened the boxes from Italy. The quality is sooo beautiful (did you notice the hand stitched details?) and the sandal feels like one you can wear season after season. I´m especially in love with the dark blue brushed buffalo version, but the black, classic style would fit most of my outfits too.

If you wonder why I have added Lines portrait of my daughter to this story it´s simply because it captures a moment from our work trip to Italy. My daughter had a short break by the hotel pool before we were heading to the next factory visit. It also reminds me of how beautiful it can be to have your children involved in your work. So each time I wear my t-strap sandals my heart goes out to my daughter, Johanna.

Sandals, sandals, sandals!


It´s still kind of cold here in Copenhagen but nevertheless I´m going to wear my sandals during from now on!

Wishing all of you a happy holiday with lots of time for relaxation. See you soon!



Feel like celebrating a little on this grey, Monday afternoon! Instead I´m finishing our SS15 collection and I look so much forward to add some dusty pastels and bright contrasting colors to the next collection.

Spring cleaning!


It´s been a year since our last collection sale so it is about time! Hope to see you in the beautiful Made a Mano showroom Wednesday, next week.