Sporty Sunday


I really like the sporty look of our new simple shopping bag made from pinked leather. We turned the inside of the leather out so when you look inside your bag you´ll get the metallic effect, but on the outside the bag is dark grey and has a delicious suede texture. Just the perfect size to carry your computer, iPad, makeup purse or other bare necessities.



I´m heading this direction today so see you in Italy (on instagram)



Here is something I have really been looking forward to: our new limited edition collection. I selected the leather in Tuscany last month and this is one of the processes I really enjoy. I also love the exiting moment when the finished products arrive in our stock in Copenhagen. For this collection we produced as few as 3 pieces of each of some bags, simply because I fell in love in leather that was only available in small selections. I like the idea that when you buy something you can almost be the only person who has this exact piece. Since all pieces of leather is unique I already feel that each of our bags are different, but still the limited edition collection is something special. You can see more details in our shop

New collection in the making

_R5A0884 _R5A0879 _R5A0877 _R5A0857 _R5A0871 _R5A0867 _R5A0862

Back in Copenhagen I can´t help flashing back to Italy all the time. Line came to document everything during my visit in May. Now, browsing through her beautiful pictures I´m reminded how long the process is from the idea enters my head until the finished product arrive. When I returned to Italy last month (without Line as she was due with her 3rd baby girl) I was both focusing on preparing the production of the ss15 collection as well as designing new items. I love that the process is so organic and that I get to work on more collections at the same time. So when the new colours, materials and designs will arrive I hope you will like it;)

SS15 colors on my mind

_R5A8239 _R5A8193 _R5A8157 _R5A8144

When I started working with the upcoming SS15 collection back in February, I had no idea that 6 months after I would have my own store. However looking back at my color inspiration and sketches I feel that I somehow designed the collection for my new space. My inspiration is rarely very concrete and it is so difficult to describe the process when I´m asked. The process is very organic and experimental. I can never say that I´m inspired by a certain picture, person or period. But before I selected the colors for the SS15 collection I studied my more than 20-year-old book about the south african people, Ndebele. I love the range of colors and I often go back to this book, not for work, but just because I love the shapes, style and expression. Anyways now that the new collection is in the making in Italy and I have seen all the color samples in my store I´m sure the collection will suit the store (and the other way around).





You might know our mitten already as this is the 3rd winter we sell them, but we intend to keep them in the collection since we think they work so well. They are made from soft as in really soft lamb leather, lined with 100% wool and produced in the south of Italy.

Thanks Elle Decoration Norway!


That autumn feeling

_MG_5307 _MG_5316

_MG_9043_MG_5310 _R5A9677

To me it´s always a little sad when the summer disappears, but one thing I look forward to (besides the Danish apples) during the autumn is wearing our boots. I love to mix them with jeans, chunky knitwear or a romantic dress depending on my mood.

I designed our reverse boots more than a year ago after I tried and tested our western boots from last winter collection. The shape and perfect fit is the same. Only the reverse boot is short and the details changed a little. The quality is excellent thanks to our perfectionistic producer in Italy, I can honestly that these are the best boots I have ever worn. Hope you will like them too.

The art of keeping it simple


Sometimes people comment that my bags are too expensive. When they do that I understand that a leather bag is an investment but I also feel an urge to bring them here to see (and feel) the process from the leather arrives to the tannery, till the finished bags leave the factory. I have nothing but respect for the artisans who work here and every little part of the process is equally important. If the leather has not been treated correctly the hand feel and colour will never be correct. If the leather is not correctly cut, the bag will never be exact and the list goes on and on.

When I was here with Line a few month ago we went to see the cutting and preparation process and I must say that this is one os the most fascinating processes I have seen here. A bag as “simple” as our classic shopping bag is made from more than 30 pieces. Inside the bag there is added a material to strengthen the leather without it looses its softness. And each little piece has to be cut. Everything is of course done by hand. Hands that has worked for decades -sometimes since they were as young as 12-13 years since only one generation ago people stated to work at a very young age. This experience can not be bought, it can only be learned by many years of training. The people I work with are proud and I understand why. When I see them work I feel extreme humble and grateful to work with them.

At the moment our shopping bag is sold out but I promise you it will soon be back in stock soon as I just found some very nice leather and made another order. If you wish to be sure to get your example you can contact our office at



This is Sara (pretending to be a craftsman in Italy a few months ago). Sara is my indispensable right-hand and she started in my company as an intern a few months after I founded it 3,5 years ago. She never really got the chance to leave again as I hired her right after she finished her education. Sara is not only one of the brightest, hard-working and meticulous persons I know, she also knows me and my company quite well. She actually knows everything so well that it is possible for me to stay here in Italy for one entire month and leave the rest to her back in Copenhagen.

Thank you, Sara for being one of a kind!

Sara was snapped by Line